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You are meant to be successful

You are a woman entrepreneur. A coach, healer, teacher. You know in your heart that you are meant to do big things.

You know you are meant to be a world changer, a leader, a kick-ass do-great-things badass chick.

You’ve been feeling it for a while. That’s why you started your own business.

But lately you’ve been frustrated and bored. You’ve hit a plateau with your income. Your marketing feels flat. And the work is just not exciting anymore.

You are wondering, is it you? Do you need to make a change?

Secretly, you are hiding your special sauce. The magic that you slip into you client work when no one is looking;

Your ability to slip over the bridge from the physical world into the spiritual plain and create phenomenal results for your clients.

You are terrified what will happen if people find out. They will lose respect, label you as one of those ‘New Age Weirdos’ (side note: I love New Age weirdos), and all your clients will leave you.

The messages you received from society, religion, perhaps your own family was to toe the line and not draw attention to your special abilities. That they are bad, maybe even evil.

Historically, having this kind of power led to stoning, drowning and being burned at the stake.

It’s no wonder we women are cautious.

But this hiding is costing you money. What’s worse is that the people you are here on earth to serve, who belong in your tribe, can’t find you. So your impact is lost.

If you know that it’s time for you to step forward and claim the niche you are meant to serve in a way that feels right without watering down the spiritual truth of what you are designed to do in the world…

To come out of the closet with marketing that is so compelling that your perfect clients awaken to your magic and clammier to work with you…

So that….

Marketing becomes easy

You know exactly the right words to use to attract your perfect clients

You feel confident expressing your spiritual truths and your tribe loves you for it

You find re-awakened passion for your work

You belong to a community of peers who respect your uniqueness

You know you are making a big impact

You take your place on global stages sharing your message

And you want to take the ceiling off your income while you do it…

I’m your chick.

To get started, join me for a complimentary “Breaking the Ceiling” business assessment call to talk about your next step.

The world is waiting for your light.

This is Your Time!



Why do I do this Work?

Julie Foucht
I once felt powerless.

I’d just left a 20-year abusive marriage. I stayed so long because I was afraid I couldn’t make enough money to take care of my four children.

I felt lost, worthless and angry.

I knew I had a lot of healing to do in order to live the life I wanted. I hired a reiki practitioner, a psychic, and a Native American shaman. I attended a series of personal development courses. I began to see that I had created everything in my life, the wounds were simple gateways to the lessons my soul was seeking.

Five years later, my life had completely changed. I’d met the love of my life, moved to the beach and started coaches training at The Coaches Training Institute.

Showing women how to build businesses that are both financially successful and fulfill their soul-purpose became my pathway to empowerment. 

Women with money have choices.

They have more opportunities.

They have more influence.

Women with financial resources can change the world. Together, we can heal the planet. We can heal our souls.

But honestly, my biggest reason for this work is to make the world a better place for my six tiny grandchildren. So they can have amazing experiences, live a life of meaning and joy and be happy.

To Your Kickass Success,